Decorate Your Blank Walls With These Tips

Smart homeowners know that they don’t have to shell out on furniture and other expensive accessories to decorate their homes. Dress your blank wall with some fun decor items and bright colors to give it a refreshing look. Even a neutral-themed or minimalist house look dull with empty walls. If you are thinking of creative decor ideas for your home, start with your blank walls. Here are a few exciting design ideas you can try.

Hang Photo Frames

Give your wall a personalized touch with big-size photo frames. They make a wonderful addition to your living room or bedroom walls. You can also build a gallery wall, featuring a bunch of photo frames. An empty wall is a perfect place to install your childhood photos, your kid’s pictures, and family portraits. You can also extend this wall to your ceiling to make your space appear larger and lighter. Select from the latest collage frame designs and hang the best on your wall with your favorite pictures.

Create an Accent Wall

If you don’t want to hang stuff on the walls, how about you decorate the walls themselves? Try a bold and vibrant color to turn your empty wall into the focal point of your house. An accent wall can add an aesthetical value to your room without taking up space. So, if you have a small room, designing your wall is an excellent way to give it a wonderful finish and your home a refreshing look.

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Install Shelves

Not everyone has a massive space in their rooms to accommodate furniture, bookshelves, decor accessories, and other home decor stuff. If you own a large collection of books, install wall racks. Floating shelves can make a good addition to your place. They can be used to display hardcovers, sculptures, and other books.

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Display Your Fine China 

Why store them in the cabinet when you can use them as a decor piece? Showcase your fine China collection on your walls. If you have a bunch of dishes and platters, hang them on the wall. You can decorate your walls with platters, cups, and dishes. It will save you the space needed for additional storage.

A Scenic Statement Wall

Create a statement with a large piece of artwork on your walls. Small frames and wallpapers are so 90s. Give your room a touch of class and elegance with a large painting that covers the entire wall and creates an illusion of a bigger space. To complement the artwork, you can install a modern piece of furniture near the wall. A bookshelf also looks great (if you have that much space).

Wall Cladding

Stacked stones on your walls will not go out of style anytime soon. They create a rustic feel, especially when paired with a fireplace. Give your space a traditional look with walls clad in natural stones. There couldn’t be a better way to dress your living room walls. Place a couple of chairs and install a fireplace to turn it into your reading nook.