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It was only a matter of time before Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the woman who will now forever be known as “Dr. Demon Sperm.”

“As the coronavirus pandemic has spread out of control, so has misinformation about it,” the Late Night host began. “If you have Facebook, or an uncle who still wears his class ring, you’ve probably heard some of it.” 

After running through some of the most “infamous and ludicrous” theories that have popped up over the course of the past few months, Meyers finally arrived at Dr. Stella Immanuel, who claimed in a viral video this week that the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine is a miracle “cure” for COVID-19. 

“Believe me, we all wish hydroxychloroquine actually worked,” the host said. “Everyone wishes there was a cure for coronavirus. No one wants to be trapped inside for this long. If hydroxychloroquine really worked I’d take an Uber Pool to Times Square to get coughed on by a tourist just for old time’s sake.”

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But because the Trump administration has “failed” in its response to the pandemic and is “desperate for a magic fix that will make the crisis go away,” Meyers explained that the president and his allies have seemingly fallen head over heels for Dr. Immanuel. Donald Trump Jr. actually had his Twitter account locked for 12 hours because he was using it to spread her misinformation. 

After playing a clip of the president’s eldest son defending himself on Fox News, Meyers remarked, “It’s fun when a dumb guy brings printouts to an interview. It’s like when the jock on campus carries around a book to impress girls.” 

Finally, Meyers turned to the most talked-about detail from The Daily Beast’s reporting on the fringe doctor at the center of this story. “Demon sperm sounds like a catchphrase on Church Chat After Dark,” he joked. Imitating Dana Carvey’s iconic SNL character he said, “Look at you with your throbbing loins and pulsating buttocks, is it possible that you’re infected with…demon sperm?!” 

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“Seriously, who on earth could possibly trust a doctor like this?” he asked before wearily introducing the clip of President Trump himself endorsing her video from the White House podium. “Cool, so Trump won’t listen to the renowned infectious disease expert who actually works for him, but he loves the demon sperm lady.” 

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