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The current situation in Barcelona has had its share with rumors of turmoil amongst the management and coaching staff. But one speculation away from the internal news suggests a possible swap with Manchester City. This involves right-backs Nelson Semedo and Joao Cancelo.

The signing of Cancelo to Manchester City last 2019 was seen as a major move for the club as expectations were high for the star. It was a six-year contract that had expectations for filling in as one of the mains tars of the club. While there were moments of brilliance from Cancelo, the overall output didn’t pan out as expected.

Throughout Cancelo’s stint with Manchester City, he’s been in 30 appearances and has scored once to go along with one assist. One of the more promising stints in his career was his stay with SL Benfica where he scored twice and had 18 assists. This season, however, featured several moments where he wasn’t slated as a starter and had a total of 17 games off the bench.

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A similar situation lies with Semedo in Barcelona given how he’s had an impressive overall career. Unfortunately, there was a dip in his performance once the games resumed after the coronavirus suspension. Per Everything Barca, a deal that involves Semedo and Cancelo may be on the way.

The manner of how these two athletes move on the field would benefit any squad. Their quick feet, coupled with excellent anticipation of their opponents make them efficient right-backs for their respective clubs. A change of environment benefits Cancelo as transferring to Barcelona may give him more opportunities to step up on the pitch. The same can be said for Semedo provided how he’s always been a reliable contributor and may provide a spark for Pep Guardiola’s roster.

It hasn’t been finalized yet what the deal would entail. It could be a straight swap deal or could require cash incentives. Given the current economic landscape brought about the COVID-19, clubs have been more prudent in spending for their teams. Regardless of these, it would be interesting to see how things will pan out for these two defenders.

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