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The Democratic-led House on Tuesday passed a sprawling $740 billion funding bill with a provision requiring the names of Confederate soldiers and leaders be stripped from military bases.

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed with a bipartisan majority of 295 to 125. The bill also includes a 3 percent pay raise for US troops.

It will now move to the Republican-controlled Senate for negotiations.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Trump threatened to veto the bill if it requires the Defense Department to remove Confederate names from military bases.

“Section 2829 is part of a sustained effort to erase from the history of the Nation those who do not meet an ever-shifting standard of conduct,” the White House said in a statement deploring a “left-wing cultural revolution.”

Names and statues of men who owned slaves or fought on the pro-slavery side of the Civil War have been targeted in the nationwide protests against police brutality and racism sparked by the May 25 death of George Floyd.

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The Senate will be debating its own version of the NDAA this week. It also includes a plan to change the names of bases like Fort Bragg and Fort Benning, which honor men who fought against US troops 155 years ago.

The White House is also objecting to provisions in the House bill that would curtail the use of funds in the war in Afghanistan and add controls on deploying National Guard troops to the states.

Some state and local leaders have objected to the troops being recently deployed amid the protests.

A Pentagon spokesman said he expected Congress, which has passed the NDAA for 59 straight years, and the White House, would work out their differences.

“They understand the importance of the NDAA, and we’re confident … the NDAA will be signed and implemented on time so that we can have a budget for our forces,” he said.

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