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Johnny Depp’s former estate manager Ben King has recalled how he found the actor’s severed finger after an alleged altercation with Amber Heard in Australia in 2015.

King was giving evidence in support of Depp as part of the Pirates Of The Caribbean star’s blockbuster court battle with The Sun. Depp is suing the British tabloid after it branded him a “wife beater” in an article about his relationship with former wife Heard. Depp strongly denies he ever assaulted Heard.

King was involved in a clean-up operation after the alleged incident in Australia, during which the top of Depp’s middle finger was sliced off. Heard claims the actor injured himself while smashing a telephone into a wall, but Depp alleged that the injury was the result of Heard throwing a vodka bottle at him.

According to Press Association, Sasha Wass QC, representing The Sun’s publisher News Group Newspapers, asked King if he had the task of finding Depp’s fingertip, to which he replied: “It was mentioned that it may be somewhere and when I was clearing up I found it.” He said it was located by the bar area, while there was a trail of blood spots up the stairs to a bedroom.

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King said he heard about the vodka bottle claim in the press. Furthermore, speaking with regard to the telephone smashing claim, he added: “I don’t recall a phone having been ripped off the wall, or having to replace a wall telephone.” Depp had to go to hospital to treat the wound.

King was later asked about his evidence that, when he and Heard returned to Los Angeles from Australia after the finger incident, he noticed “some cuts on one of her arms”. Wass asked if they were “fresh”, to which King said: “They were enough for me to say ‘maybe you should put your sleeve down’.”

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The trial continues.

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