Mike Rowe predicts skilled workers will be in ‘demand like never before’ in post-coronavirus era – Serialpressit (News)


Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip” host Mike Rowe told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that skilled laborers “will be in demand like never before” as employers adapt to a post-coronavirus pandemic world.

“If you have a skill that’s in demand, you are going to be in demand like never before,” Rowe told host Tucker Carlson, “and I’ve never been more certain of that than I am right now.

“I’ve been pushing this boulder up the hill for a long time and I’m seeing some things I haven’t seen before,” he continued, “[like] reinvigoration, and enthusiasm around the basics of simply learning a skill that’s absolutely in demand … being essential, in other words.”

Rowe’s foundation, the MikeRoweWORKS Foundation, provides workers with the resources and funding they need to develop a skillset and excel in their industry of choice.

When asked what value he places on developing vocational skills or picking up a trade, Rowe said it’s paramount that those who wish to work have the chance to do so instead of racking up student debt in a time of economic uncertainty.

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“I’ve been talking a lot about $1.5 trillion in student loans on the books and the very real fact that that’s a millstone around the next hundreds of thousands of kids,” Rowe said. “People are getting that message, but they’re also now seeing that there is a difference between skills that are in demand and education that is not.”

“It’s not to say one is bad and one is good, these are two sides of the same coin” Rowe added. “But historically, we’ve tried to separate those two things … and I’m telling you, right now like never before, if you are a welder with a work ethic, you will be among the dozens of people making six figures.”

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