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Sage Toda-Nation, a young Kingston University graduate, launched his eponymous clothing line in 2019 at the age of 21 with aims to channel his British and Japanese heritage by way of progressive silhouettes, thoughtful construction and practical appeal. His debut collection, set to launch later this year, realizes these aims by way of genderless, relaxed garments well-suited for both editorializing and daily wear.

Drawing from traditional combat uniforms from both aforementioned cultures, Nation has crafted a capsule informed by intelligent design, manifested by way of his trousers’ three-dimensional pleating and the customizable vest detailing. The latter is part of Nation’s Hybrid Detachable Jacket, which can be worn with or without its removable upper, clever pattern-making that mirrors the weatherproof Poncho, which can be transformed into a skirt. Quilted layering pieces and ripstop shirting turn militaria on its head, while Nation’s dolman-sleeved shirts and hakama slacks update legacy shapes for the current day.

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The new range will launch on Sage Nation’s website with updates set to roll out on the brand’s Instagram page.

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