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Dr. Jeff Colyer, the former governor of Kansas, joined Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the growing coronavirus pandemic, saying we’re seeing science play out in real time.

“We’re at a time when we are seeing science playing out before our eyes. We’re really starting to get a better view of what these numbers look like, what those curves are starting to bend and how they’ve been,” Colyer said. “We’re starting to see things with a little more clarity. We’re starting to see things that work. We’re starting to see what therapies may be out there that are really starting to help us.”

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Colyer commented on the use of hydroxychloroquine by physicians and its positive capabilities.

“And in a responsible way, we’re seeing people working on this. There is a study, but we’re also seeing people using it appropriately,” Colyer said. “We’re also seeing that if you treat people early in this illness, that they do recover. We have the numbers from France, for example, 78 out of 80 hospitalized patients treated early, all returned home.”

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The physician and former governor also commented on morbidity involving those that have diabetes.

“You know, there are a lot of things going on when you have diabetes or these other illnesses. And a human is a fragile machine,” Colyer said. “And so if everything is fluid, things out of balance, whether it is your sugar or your kidneys or your lungs or your heart, just a little bit can throw people over the edge.”

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“And that’s why we really need more studies. We need more therapy for people early on,” Colyer added.

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