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In New Mexico, there are at least 237 confirmed cases and two deaths.


On Wednesday, March 25, the Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to close public schools across the state for the remainder of the year. The schools across the state use a “continuous learning plans,” which includes an outline for age-appropriate learning.

“I have faith in the commitment, innovation and creativity of Oklahoma educators and administrators,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said in a news release. “Many districts across our state have utilized online instruction already and likely will be able to hit the ground running. Other districts have significant technology limitations, while some might opt for instructional materials delivered to students. There will be a wide range of approaches and it will be far from ideal, but necessary as we embrace these changes and even sacrifice to protect the public health of our communities.”

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According to the tracker, Oklahoma has over 428 confirmed cases and at least 16 deaths.


On March 23, Governor Ralph Northam ordered all K-12 schools to stay closed for the remainder of the year. Throughout the state, different school districts will decide how they want to continue teaching the students.

“I am also ordering all schools in Virginia to remain closed at least through the end of this academic year,” Northam wrote on his Twitter. “I know these changes will raise many questions and create new challenges—but I am also confident in our ability to be resilient and navigate these waters together.”

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In Virginia, there are at over 1,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 15 deaths, according to the tracker.


On March 26, Governor Phil Scott directed all schools across the state to remain closed for the rest of the year. School districts across the state will be required to “implement continuity of learning plans for remote learning.”

“The education of our students and the bonding and learning experiences they have at school are tremendously important, so I fully appreciate the impact and difficulty of this decision,” Scott said in a statement. “I also recognize it will be challenging for some schools to implement remote learning through the end of the year. But I am encouraged by the creativity I’ve seen from administrators, educators and parents already, which is why I know, together, they can rise to the occasion.”

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According to the tracker, there are over 250 confirmed cases in Vermont and at least 12 deaths.

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