Sadiq Khan Tube warning, drivers ‘furious’ at crowded carriages


Sadiq Khan Tube warning, drivers ‘furious’ at crowded carriages.

The Mayor of London has warned “more lives will be lost” unless the public stops “all non-essential travel” during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sadiq Khan took to social media to warn the public to listen to the government and stay at home unless they are a key worker or need to travel for urgent reasons.

It came as travellers reported packed carriages on the London Underground, one day after Boris Johnson ordered the nation to only leave their homes in specific circumstances .

A Tube driver also spoke out against non-essential journeys and said he will be forced to self-isolate to protect his family if the overcrowding continues.

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Mr Khan said on Twitter: “I cannot say this more strongly: we must stop all non-essential use of public transport now.

“Employers: please support your staff to work from home unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“Ignoring these rules means more lives lost.”

Transport for London – which is chaired by Mr Khan – has been criticised for running fewer trains than normal, which Londoners say is forcing commuters to squeeze into to carriages and defy social distancing rules.

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TfL has suspended the Circle line and Waterloo & City line, and reduced frequencies on other parts of the Tube network. Bus services have also been cut.

Mr Khan added: “Growing numbers of TfL staff are off sick or self-isolating: we cannot run more services than we currently are.

“If you have to go to work, please don’t travel at rush hour – go at different times to keep contact to a minimum.”

Responding to the comments one user said: “You need to do more. The pictures of the crowded tubes are heartbreaking.

“You know that is a serious health issue and you know that this situation is risking those people’s healths and many others. Do it now.”

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Another added: “Put the service level back to normal. People who NEED to use the tube are squashed in too closely on reduced service. It’s not working.”

One user said: “There are humans driving these trains risking their lives. The reduction in service is because there are sick isolating members of staff unable to come to work!!

“The problem lies with the enforcement not being strong enough of who can travel. Should be key workers only.”


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