Ford GE 3M: Health on production of ventilators, masks


Ford GE 3M: Health on production of ventilators, masks.

Ford Motor Company on Tuesday announced it was teaming up with 3M and General Electric to scale production of ventilators and protective masks in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’re talking about producing hundreds of thousands of these ventilators in the future,” Ford CEO Jim Hackett said on “CBS This Morning.”

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Mr. Hackett said that in addition to a partnership with GE Health, the company is also working on a project in the U.K. at the behest of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Just to put that in perspective, an F-150 — one is built every 52 seconds,” Mr. Hackett said. “So the ventilators … as these collective companies come together, we have to scale up something like that. So we’re talking about early June where we don’t think it’s a problem. But between now and June, it’s about ramping up.”

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He said that in addition to ventilators, there’s a greater need for protective masks that rely on air pressure.

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“Hundreds of thousands of the simplest ones will [start] to be produced in the next week or so,” Mr. Hackett said.

The company said they’re working with 3M to try to scale production of respirators, with a combination of Ford and 3M parts, at the company’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Michigan.


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