Jeff Gebhart pay you $25000 to find him a girlfriend


Jeff Gebhart pay you $25000 to find him a girlfriend.

A Kansas man is asking for help in his search for true love.

KCTV reports 47-year-old Jeff Gebhart, of Prairie Village, launched a website dedicated to find him a girlfriend. It’s a project he’s been working on for six months.

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Gebhart is offering $25,000 to the matchmaker and an additional $25,000 to a no-kill dog shelter.

“The main objective of this is to find the right girl for me, wherever she is,” Gebhart told KCTV.

He says he’s tired of dating, especially online dating. After asking friends in the mental health profession some advice, he came up with a plan. Get attention by offering money.

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Gebhart says his website,, brings visitors to a survey where they can see if they might be compatible with him.

“You have a big number that apply, you put them through a Willy Wonka machine and the ones that come out are the ones that would be great candidates for me. Any one of them and that’s without looking at pictures or knowing the chemistry or anything,” Gebhart said.

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