Northglenn farm bees stolen, Thieves stole 30,000 bees


Northglenn farm bees stolen, Thieves stole 30,000 bees.

Local beekeepers are feeling the sting of stolen property as thieves made off with dozens of active beehives in Northglenn.

Thirty custom-built beehives were kept in a secluded part of an old dairy farm. The owners say whoever stole the bees had to have knowledge of the location and the bee industry.

“All of beehives were staying here. Now it’s completely empty,” Zoya Cherny said.

Cherny was devastated to discover her hand-made beehives, along with thousands of active bees had been stolen. Cherny believes the hives were stolen last Wednesday or Thursday night by someone with a large vehicle or trailer. She says it’s likely they moved the bee operation to another location.

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“At first, I could not believe it. I thought it was absolutely impossible,” Cherny said.

Cherny harvests honey on the east portion of what used to be known as Karl’s Dairy Farm. The 70-acre property has been in Shannon Sublette’s family for decades. It is located at 1741 E. 120th Ave. in Northglenn.

The Sublette family is in the process of selling the land to developers. Shannon said whoever committed the crime took every piece of the process.

“All of the beehives, the stands, the watering buckets – everything associated with the bees were absolutely gone,” Sublette said.

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This is now an expensive and time-consuming setback. Cherny says each hive is worth $500 – and it takes about a year for a hive to grow to full capacity.

“I’m really worried about the bees now,” Cherny said.

Cherny says she also used her honeybees for healing, as she personally battled thyroid and breast cancer.

Now she is concerned that whoever did this won’t give the bees the proper care to keep them alive.

“If you don’t know what you are doing, the bees can just die. Especially if you move the hives at this time of year. I’m not even sure if they are still alive,” Cherny said.

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Northglenn police are investigating the crime. They believe the hives were stolen sometime between Feb. 1 and Feb. 8. Each hive is roughly 5 feet long by 5 feet wide.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call their non-emergency number, 303-450-8897.

“Look out for people trying to do a quick flip, make some quick money online. I’m real curious about the potential of someone trying to re-sell them,” Sublette said.

The Sublettes only have liability insurance on the property. A vacant home on their acreage was also broken into and rummaged through. The family said they have had problems with squatters in the past.


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