Woman dies cake eating contest to celebrate Australia Day


Woman dies cake eating contest to celebrate Australia Day.

An Australian woman died while she was taking part in a cake eating contest, as reported on Monday. The lady who was aged 60, had a seizure while the event was going on in which the contestants had to eat lamingtons, a traditional sponge cake covered with chocolate and desiccated coconut. The event was held at a hotel in Hervey Bay, Queensland, celebrating Australia Day, as reported by BBC.

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She was immediately given CPR and was taken to the hospital where later she died. As per the witnesses, the 60-year-old lady had crammed a cake into her mouth as she looked to be in difficulty.

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Footage has emerged showing other patrons of the pub cheering on the eaters, who have glasses of water next to them, before the accident. The Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay posted a message on Facebook expressing condolences to the family and friends of the woman, who has not been named.

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Eating competitions are a popular game during Australia Day, a national holiday marking the arrival of the first Europeans to Australia. Contestants usually win prizes for eating as many cakes, pies, hot dogs or other food in a limited time.


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