French Spider-Man pension, renowned climber of the world’s tallest


French Spider-Man pension, renowned climber of the world’s tallest.

Some 149,000 people reportedly took part on Saturday in rallies against pension reform throughout France, this year’s second major protest, according to the country’s interior ministry. On Monday, the protest was highlighted by a very unusual participant who shifted public attention with a thrilling performance.

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French ‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert, 57, a renowned climber of the world’s tallest artificial peaks, scaled a skyscraper in Paris’ La Defence business district in a bid to attract attention to government reform that has prompted grievances among the population. The footage of his breathtaking stunt instantly went viral.

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As in his previous daredevil actions, the French ‘Spiderman’ used no safety equipment and, after climbing the slippery surface of Total’s 187-meter (614-feet) building, he told reporters that cold weather was the only issue that slightly complicated his ascent. Robert is demanding, through his actions, a better life for French pensioners.

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