Australia smoke full circuit around the globe


Australia smoke full circuit around the globe.

NASA expects smoke from Australia’s bushfire crisis to make “at least one full circuit” around Earth.

In predictions released at the weekend, the space agency said the smoke and its subsequent aerosol emissions compared to the “largest values ever recorded”.

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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre uses an ultraviolet aerosol index to track the smoke’s path across the world.

“The UV index has a characteristic that is particularly well suited for identifying and tracking smoke from pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb) events: the higher the smoke plume, the larger the aerosol index value,” research scientist at NASA Goddard Colin Seftor said.

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“Values over 10 are often associated with such events.

“The aerosol index values produced by some of the Australian pyroCb events have rivalled that largest values ever recorded.”

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The NASA report says smoke has already reached New Zealand and is causing severe air quality issues across the country.

It also says smoke has crossed South America and is turning the skies hazy.


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