White House first snow tweet, baffled many online


White House first snow tweet, baffled many online.

A photo of snow falling outside the White House in Washington DC has baffled many online.

The official White House Twitter page posted the pretty picture online with the caption: “First snow of the year”.

The weather often gets people talking and this post was no exception, with Twitter-users quick to point out that it wasn’t actually snowing in Washington.

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At the time the photo was published online, the mercury was sitting above 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the city with no snow in sight.

It’s likely the picture was taken last week when temperatures plummeted in the city and snow did in fact fall, with the tweet only being posted today.

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The White House’s Flickr page also states the image was taken on Tuesday January 7.

NBR Washington said the combination of cold gusty winds blowing across warm lake water helped bring a quick burst of snow to the area last week.

The Washington Post said last week’s rather modest snowfall was the first in the area for 2020.

After the delayed posting of the picture online, Washington locals were quick to make light of the picture and clarify the current weather conditions.

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One person joked that the image looked like something from the Upside Down, a reference to the hit TV show Stranger Things.

While another Washington local said they had been wearing shorts at the time the tweet was posted.


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