La Parka death, Popular Mexican wrestler has died


La Parka death, Popular Mexican wrestler has died.

It is our sad duty to report that La Parka has died. The man behind the mask, Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta, was 54 years old.

As with all news regarding La Parka, it is important to note that the current man behind that mask is not the same person as La Parka from WCW. That gentleman from WCW wrestles by the name of LA Park.

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La Parka suffered major health complications after a spinal injury from a mishandled suicide dive back in October at a show for KAOZ in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. He was rushed to the hospital. If not for prompt medical care, La Parka could have died at the arena.

On January 10, La Parka suffered kidney failure and was placed on assisted breathing. On January 11, his lungs and kidneys gave out.

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La Parka’s death caught many by surprise. It seemed that La Parka was making headway on a long road to recovery. Earlier this week, his son, Karis la Momia Jr., sounded optimistic about his father’s health.

La Parka is best known for taking over the skeleton persona and doing his funky dance to Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller.” Memorable feuds include LA Park over the copyright of the character and Cibernatico in mask vs mask.

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For La Parka’s career, he held six different championships in AAA, won the Rey de Reyes tournament five times, won the Copa Antonio Peña, won the Copa Triplemanía XXV, and went undefeated (10-0) in lucha de apuestas for mask vs mask and mask vs hair. La Parka was ranked #43 in the PWI 500 for 2007.


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