Tyson Steele SOS, Alaska Man Rescued After Writing SOS


Tyson Steele SOS, Alaska Man Rescued After Writing SOS.

A man managed to survive more than 20 days in subzero temperatures after his cabin near Skwentna burned down.

Alaska State Troopers responded to a welfare check on Tyson Steele, 30, after friends said they hadn’t heard from him in weeks.

Troopers arrived in a helicopter to find Steele waving for help and SOS stamped in the snow.

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It turned out Steele’s cabin had burned down in mid-December and he’s been stranded without a way to contact help.

Steele told troopers he had made a mistake by putting a big piece of cardboard in his wood stove and believes a spark caught the roof on fire.

The fire killed his dog, a chocolate lab named Phil.

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Steele found enough food that had been spared by the flames.

In an interview with AST public information officer Ken Marsh, Steele said he put off eating some of the charred canned food as long as he could.

“Last night’s meal was probably one of the worst. I was leaving the burned-off stuff for the last. And last night’s dinner was a can of plastic-smoked refried beans. No hickory, no mesquite [he laughs] it’s Class A waterproof tarp [flavor],” Marsh wrote in an online story.

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Troopers made sure Steele got a shower and a McDonald’s No. 2 combo meal.

Steele told them he’d probably head to Utah to spend time with family after the incident.


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