Sharon Bradley attendance, Garland Teacher Recognized For 26 Years


Sharon Bradley attendance, Garland Teacher Recognized For 26 Years.

An 85-year-old teacher was recognized Monday for going 26 years straight without missing a day of work at a high school in Garland.

Sharon Bradley guides students at Naaman Forest High School through the study of health science. However, it’s her perfect attendance as an educator that may be the best health science lab evidence her students have seen.

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At 85 years old, Bradley is always in the classroom, even despite a recent fall that led to her hand being wrapped.

“I don’t believe in retirement,” Bradley said.

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“For 20 years I was a Parkland emergency room nurse. For 10 years, I was an EMT paramedic riding the ambulance,” she added.

On Monday afternoon, fellow teachers and her family gathered to celebrate and praise her consistent and caring commitment to education.

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“How important attitude is. It’s everything with her. She’s positive always, and she gets it done,” faculty member Michelle Stanton said.

What’s the secret to the 85-year-old’s perfect attendance?

“It’s just fun. The kids are wonderful. The people I work with are terrific,” Bradley said.


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