Janet Jackson audio issues that were so unbearable the fans


Janet Jackson audio issues that were so unbearable the fans.

Frustrated, disgruntled fans walked out in droves of a lackluster Janet Jackson performance in New Zealand because of poor quality audio issues that were so unbearable the fans were anxious to leave.

Jackson, 53 took the stage Friday at a Jams Live event featuring other contemporary artists including Jason Derulo, The Black Eyed Peas and Fifty Cent.

According to the New Zealand news outlet, Stuff the singer was the final headliner to close out the show but she failed to maintain the party atmosphere.

Janet Jackson Couldn’t Keep Up The Pace Of ‘Jams Live’
The New Zealand news outlet, The Stuff notes that Jackson ‘failed keep up the pace’ of the other artists in the lineup made popular by the younger generation and it also stated that the set was dogged with poor quality vocal and audio issues that she couldn’t keep up the pace of her own music. She was gesturing the sound crew and tapping her microphone pack.

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Jackson did not appear to be lip-synching during the show, as she reportedly did during the Brisbane, Australia performance where many disappointed fans walked out in disgrace. The New Zealand show marks the second time this happened.

Janet’s Performance Was A Disaster
One concertgoer in Brisbane comments, “When Janet Jackson came on it was just a disaster,” one attendee said. “Her sound was just terrible. She would be singing and then all of a sudden just do random stuff.”

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Jackson was slammed for her performance on November 8 in Perth, Australia—after similar events occurred.

One fan who witnessed her performance told The Daily Mail Australia “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Once [Jackson] was on stage she started lip-syncing and it was so obvious she was dancing around trying to move the mic over her lips so we couldn’t see and she kept putting her hair over her face,” the ticketholder added.

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Audio Issues Need Improvement
I’m not a fan of Ms. Jackson and won’t ever see her live— but my honest opinion as a reporter who has been on the music scene who happens to be related to a famous professional musician, the crew should always have a sound check before every performance! It’s common knowledge and they should know this by now! I’m very appalled that they didn’t check their audio levels before the show!

Meanwhile, back at ‘Jams Live,’ fans walked, stumbled and swayed home, one yelled: “Janet Jackson is s…”. Well, no wonder…as a stage performer you’re supposed to give the fans what they want…not disappoint them!


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