Camel cow donkey Kansas, strange sight puzzled neighbors


Camel cow donkey Kansas, strange sight puzzled neighbors.

Cows and donkeys aren’t exactly rare in the Wheat State, but you don’t always see them together — and you certainly don’t see them roaming alongside exotic animals.

But that’s exactly what happened near Goddard, Kansas, this weekend.

Police posted an adorable photo to Facebook of a camel, donkey and cow standing together near a line of brush Sunday afternoon. Officials were hoping someone might know the owner of the three “friends.”

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Police have since tracked down the animals’ owner, but had a festive plan in place should the person not be found.

“If we cannot locate the owner, we may be halfway towards a live nativity this Christmas season,” police wrote in the post, adding that the trio was traveling “towards a northern star.”

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The image has been liked more than 500 times and shared more than 650 as of Monday morning. The friends have picked up quite a few fans along the way.

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“If all humans could just get along like most animals do,” one user wrote.

“That’s priceless,” wrote another. “I do hope they are safe and find their way back home.”

“I wonder which one escaped first and let the other two out!”

Goddard is roughly 15 miles west of Wichita.


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