Oprah Winfrey Jeff Bridges ranch, How many homes does one person need?


Oprah Winfrey Jeff Bridges ranch, How many homes does one person need?.

How many homes does one person need? Well, if you’re Oprah, the answer is at least 7. And if you’re wondering specifically how many homes a person needs in Montecito, California, the answer, according to Oprah, is three. She just added to her Montecito home collection by purchasing a ranch previously owned by The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges. I never thought the two would have much in common, but hey, I guess real estate is the great equalizer among the ultra-rich.

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The Spanish Revival-style home was originally built in 1919, and the property is right next to one of Winfrey’s Montecito homes. It seems that she bought the house in order to expand her property, which she calls her “Promised Land.”

The property was originally listed on the market for $8 million, but Oprah waited almost half a year before buying, securing herself a cool deal – while the property was reduced to $7.5 million when she bought it, she was able to talk them down to $6.85 million. Kind of weird for a literal billionaire to bargain hunt for real estate, but I guess that kind of thinking is one of the reasons why she’s rich and I’m…not.

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There are five different buildings on the four-acre property, including a main house, a guest house, a pool house, a carriage house, and a barn and stables for horses. That should be enough overflow for Oprah to fit her various guests that don’t have enough room at her original Promised Land property, which already features 13 buildings spread across 70 acres.

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The house is gorgeous, with old-growth oak trees providing shade on the exterior, a large garden, and an outdoor fire pit. Inside, the home sports hardwood floors, exposed beams, high ceilings, and five fireplaces.

Just imagine how well you’d sleep in a bedroom that looks like that.

Now our only question is…how can we secure an invite to stay at Oprah’s newest property?


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