Louisiana Walmart shopping cart, Brice Kendell steal electric cart


Louisiana Walmart shopping cart, Brice Kendell steal electric cart.

A Louisiana man is accused of stealing an electric cart from Walmart and driving it to a bar more than a half-mile away, police said.

Brice Kendell Williams, 32, was arrested Sunday after Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office received a complaint shortly after midnight about a bar patron who had arrived at the premises on an electric cart.

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A deputy reported seeing a cart, like the ones designed for people with disabilities, parked between two cars in the bar’s parking lot, according to the news release posted on the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. According to the deputy, Williams claimed he had been at another bar and believed he’d get a DWI if he drove his own car to a second bar, so he took the electric cart from Walmart instead.

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Williams was charged with unauthorized use of a movable, which is a felony. His bond was set at $2500, according to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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