Firefighters ring survives wildfires, Destroy Brentwood Area Home


Firefighters ring survives wildfires, Destroy Brentwood Area Home.

After discovering a ring that survived when the Getty Fire burned down a Brentwood area home, officials learned the family heirloom had performed the same feat when a blaze tore through the neighborhood nearly 60 years before.

The house was one of 484 destroyed after the Bel Air Fire, long considered one of the most destructive in metropolitan Los Angeles’ history, broke out in 1961. In that blaze, the ring was the only thing that survived, the L.A. Fire Department said in an Instagram post Monday.

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The woman who lived there in 1961 had passed the ring on to her daughter, who now lives in a home rebuilt in the same spot where the mother’s burned down.

Both women were in the residence and forced to evacuate when the Getty Fire sparked Oct. 28, LAFD said. The blaze eventually consumed 10 houses and damaged another 15 as it spread to 745 acres.

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On Oct. 30, firefighters assigned to the area noticed a small ring box sitting in front of the home, which was the only one leveled on that section of street. Officials say it was “sitting there all by itself.”

“When they opened it and saw the beautiful ring inside, they just knew this would be very important to the homeowner,” LAFD wrote in the post.

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Once evacuated residents were allowed to return home, a pair of fire officials made it their mission to reunite the ring with its owner.

LAFD says the daughter was “speechless” and “beyond happy” to have the enduring heirloom back.

“Among the stories of heartbreak and devastation, these moments lighten our hearts,” the agency wrote.


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