Sooner Schooner flips, No injuries reported after Sooner Schooner tips


Sooner Schooner flips, No injuries reported after Sooner Schooner tips.

Oklahoma’s Sooner Schooner was in pieces following an accident in the second quarter of OU’s 52-14 win over West Virginia, in which the wagon came apart, tipped over and threw some of its occupants to the turf.

There were no reported injuries to occupants in the wagon or the ponies that pull it following OU touchdowns each game.

Members of OU’s spirit squad carried the disconnected wagon cover, wheels and axels into the northeast tunnel.

“We believe it was the result of weight distribution among riders in the rear of the wagon,” the university stated in a release. “Three individuals were evaluated at the stadium and released. All others reported that they were uninjured.

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“Upon initial evaluation, it also appears the ponies are uninjured. Medical staff responded immediately as did the expert horse handlers and veterinarian who staff all games. We are grateful that the injuries were not serious and for the staff members who responded so well.”

Thousands of fans watching fell silent until the wreckage was cleaned up. Linebacker Kenneth Murray was trying to refocus his teammates as they took the field following Jalen Hurts’ 2-yard touchdown with 6:30 until halftime.

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“Probably a minute after that, I was like, ‘Hey, nothing takes our focus right now,’” Murray said. “Obviously we’re happy that nobody got hurt.”

Said Hurts: “That wasn’t a pretty thing to see. I hope everybody’s OK.”

The wagon had been leaving tracks in the field on previous touchdowns, likely because of condensation from the night before. The field was damaged further after the ponies pulled the top of the wagon through the grass without the wheels.

OU coach Lincoln Riley double-checked with maintenance staff that the playing surface was still safe for play.

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“They felt like it was in pretty good shape,” Riley said. “Once I saw that everybody was OK, you could tell it was torn up a little bit down there. You just want to make sure the surface is good for both teams.”

The animal advocacy group PETA spoke out against the use of animals as college mascots. The group has made it a common practice through the years, highlighting Mississippi State’s use of a bulldog mascot when “Bully” was bumped into on the sideline against Auburn.


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