Newark Airport measles alert: passenger with measles arrived in Terminal B


Newark Airport measles alert: passenger with measles arrived in Terminal B.

New Jersey state health officials believe the measles-plagued flyer may also have visited other areas of the airport.

So they are saying anyone who was at Newark Liberty from noon to 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve and hasn’t been vaccinated against measles is at risk.

“Measles is a scary disease,” Dr. Nancy Simpkins, New Jersey state medical consultant, told PIX11. “But mostly every adult and everyone over 18 months has been vaccinated.”

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It could take until January 14 for someone who was infected by the passenger with measles to develop the symptoms.

New Jersey health officials say this latest measles warning is unrelated to an earlier outbreak this year in Ocean County involving 33 people.

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“Once vaccinated, you are always immune,” Dr. Simpkins told PIX11.

Anyone who suspects they may have been exposed to measles is asked to call their healthcare provider before going to a doctor or emergency room so precautions can be put in place not to infect others.

Many at Newark Liberty were unaware.

“I hope they keep this airport clean so people can feel safe traveling,” Maryn Asoff, who was picking up a passenger at the airport, told PIX11 News.

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A mother with a 9-month old in a stroller, Alison Scrivani, told PIX11 that she was concerned since vaccinations don’t start until a child is 18 months old. But luckily for her, she and her family were not at the airport on Christmas Eve.


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