Super blood wolf moon expected to happen in January (Details)


Super blood wolf moon expected to happen in January (Details).

Coming up at the end of January, AccuWeather predicts one of the most-watched astronomical events of 2019 will occur as the moon will be completely covered in the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse.

The event is supposed to happen between Jan. 20-21 and be called the “Super Blood Wolf Moon,” and will be visible across all of the continental United States. According to WABC News, the term “super blood moon eclipse” describes three phenomena happening at once:

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“Super:” It gets this term because the moon will be especially close to the Earth, making it appear much larger than normal.
“Blood:” This term comes from lunar eclipses, often called blood moons, because they cause the moon to take a deep red color. It is also because the Earth blocks the sun from casting any light directly onto the moon, thus making it only visible with indirect light filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere.

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“Wolf:” A full moon that occurs in the month of January is sometimes referred to as the wolf moon. Typically, there are 12 full moons that occur in a year, each with its own traditional name. (Some years have 13 moons, and the last one is known as the blue moon.)

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