Beagle Pet Severely Injured By Beating, Animal Rescue Rep Says


What to Know

  • A beagle pet suffered extreme accidents after somebody tied her to a pole and beat her within the Bronx

  • The pet, dubbed Cleo, has a extreme facial swelling, a fractured bone beneath her eye, amongst different medical points

  • The president of the animal rescue rehabilitating Cleo hopes a witness or surveillance tape from the scene might assist catch Cleo’s attacker

A beagle pet suffered “extreme accidents” after somebody tied her to a pole and beat her within the Bronx, a consultant for the animal rescue that’s rehabilitating the canine mentioned.

Samaritan referred to as the 48th Precinct within the Bronx to report that the pet was tied to a pole and being overwhelmed in entrance of a barber store, Jody Harris-Stern, the president and co-founder of Connecticut-based Wanting Glass Animal Rescue informed Information Four New York.

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The roughly four-month-old pet was taken to Animal Care Facilities of NYC, which requested if Wanting Glass may take him in, Harris-Stern mentioned.

The pet, who’s been named Cleo, has extreme facial swelling, an abscess on high of her head extending right down to her eye, a fractured bone beneath her eye and “symmetrical breaks” in her cheeks that would solely have been attributable to getting slammed into one thing, in response to Harris-Stern.

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Cleo additionally has mysterious wounds and cuts on her head, neck and shoulders.

“In rescue, we see plenty of horror and tragedy, however that is most likely the worst that I’ve seen in my rescue lifetime,” Harris-Stern informed Information 4.

Harris-Stern was informed there wasn’t sufficient proof to pursue a case in opposition to Cleo’s attacker, however says she hopes a witness or surveillance tape from the neighborhood might present some solutions.

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To this point, Cleo’s veterinary invoice has surpassed $5,000, she mentioned.

When Cleo arrived on the rescue, her proper eye was utterly closed shut and her left eye was swollen, however the pet has since opened her eye and began consuming, Harris-Stern mentioned.

“She’s a fighter, and that’s one of many causes we named her Cleo, for Cleopatra, as a result of we wished a robust, courageous, decided identify that may match the persona that she’s proven to this point,” she mentioned.


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